3701 Middlebrook Village Rd, Middlebrook VA                   540-886-5815                   Open Mon - Sat. 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.


3701 Middlebrook Village Rd, Middlebrook VA 

Thank you for visiting our site. The Middlebrook General Store was built in 1901. Though it has been through several different owners and management changes, the store is still a vital part of the small town. We have a robust lunch crowd with a daily special as well as regular menu items that are available daily. Early in the morning, we have the best coffee in town brewed fresh. You can fill your own travel mug, grab a breakfast biscuit and quickly be on your way to your destination, or you can use one of our house mugs and sit and enjoy your coffee while in the store. 

The store now has a full shelf dedicated to "Virginia Made" products. Included in this area is a selection of local wines from Rockbridge Vineyard, Ox-Eye Vineyards and Bluestone Vineyard. These make excellent gifts as well as a convenient way to make your dinner special. Also we are using these products to make gift baskets if anyone would like one. 

Check out this link for the news story about painting our building!


Daily Lunch Specials: 9/19/16 - 9/24/16

​Monday: BLT Sandwich

Tuesday: Club Sandwich

Wednesday: Cheeseburger

Thursday: Roast Beef Wrap

Friday: Reuben Sandwich

Saturday: Fried Pork Tenderloin Sandwich

*All specials come with a side and 12 oz drink included*

Also, look for our regular menu items!

      (Regular menu to be posted soon. Be watching for it!)